Dennis Gilbert

Began his career as a minor league baseball player, after which he pursued a career in life insurance and taught continuing education estate planning to members of the CPA Society in the State of California. These CPAs, who were primarily entertainment business managers, gave him an entree into the Hollywood community through which he acquired an A-list, entertainment industry clientele.

Gilbert excelled at developing life insurance policies and creating wealth protection, and he knew these skills could help baseball players achieve better financial success. As his insurance business continued to thrive, he took on an additional career as a sports agent and started the Beverly Hills Sports Council Agency. It didn’t take long to become baseball’s top agent, ultimately transforming the salary structure of professional baseball forever.

As baseball’s leading agent, Gilbert set new standards for creating player contracts. He personally negotiated over 1,000 contracts, broke salary barriers and achieved unprecedented contractual success for players such as George Brett, Jose Canseco, Bobby Bonilla, Barry Bonds, Joe Magrane, Danny Tartabull, Mike Piazza, Brady Anderson, Curt Schilling, Ricky Henderson and Trevor Hoffman. Just to name a few.

Currently, Dennis Gilbert is the CEO and founder of the Gilbert Group, a preeminent resource for serving high-net worth individuals and families across sports, entertainment and business. He consistently ranks in the top 1% of life insurance professionals nationwide.